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In-House Seminars

Winter, 2015 seminars take place on Thursdays at 9 a.m. in the Medical Education Building Telemedicine Theatre, Room B001

January 15: Prerak Desai (McClelland), "Comparative genomics and high throughput genetics of Salmonella"

January 22: Eric Baggs (Semler), "Identification of Cellular Determinants for IRES Mediated Translation Initiation"

January 29: Angela Garibaldi (Hertel), "A Large Scale Analysis of Intron Splicing Kinetics in Human Cells"

February 5: Nicholas Leveque (Semler), "Coxsackievirus B3 persistence in cardica myocytes: mechanisms and consequences"

February 12: Derrick Reynolds (Hertel), "Splicing evolved: the conservation of exon narchitecture and differential splicing"

February 19: Martina Sassone-Corsi (Raffatellu), "Novel strategies to limit gut colonization of enteropathogens and pathobionts

February 26: George Chen (Waterman), "Role of Wnt ligands in the colon cancer microenvironment"

March 5:, Suzanne Klaus (Raffatellu), "The role of chemokine receptor CXCR2 in the host respones to Salmonella gastroenteritis"

March 12: Stephanie Sprowl (Waterman), "HGF/c-Met signaling crosstalk to Wnt signaling in colon cancer"

March 19: Bert Semler & Tom Cesario, "Pathogens and You: Measles virus: the return of a bygone human disease"

April 2: Dylan Flather (Semler), "Defining and characterizing the functional role of nuclear proteins in enterovirus replication"

April 9: Rozanne Sandri-Goldin, "Responsible Conduct of Research"

April 16: Christie‐Lynn Mortales (Demetriou), TBA

April 23: Sonia Maciejewski (Semler), TBA

April 30: Maliheh Movassat (Hertel), "Understanding the Regulatory Mechanisms of Alternative Splicing"

May 7: Mitchell Schacht (Sandri-Goldin), "Protein Interactions of the Multifunctional HSV-1 ICP27"

May 14: Will Hu (Sandri-Goldin, "RNA binding by HSV-1's ICP27"