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In-House Seminars

Fall, 2014 seminars take place on Thursdays at 9 a.m. in the Medical Education Building Telemedicine Theatre, Room B001

October 2: Dr. Sean-Paul Nuccio (McClelland), "Streamlining Salmonella"

October 9: Anthony James, "Genetic Ablation of Blood Feeding Success in the Dengue Vector Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti"

October 16: Chris Rosario(Tan), "Mechanisms for modulating temporal gene expression in Chlamydia"

October 23: Vanessa Cook (Barbour), "Peromyscus leucopus diversity following infections with Borrelia species"

October 30: Chengguo Yao (Shi), Poly(A) choice matters for stem cell renewal

November 6: Judith Behnsen (Raffatellu), "The Cytokine IL-22 Promotes Salmonella Colonization by Suppressing Related Commensal Bacteria"

November 13: Vladimir Diaz-Ochoa (Raffatellu), "Salmonella Surviving Superoxide Stress"

November 20: Araceli Perez-Lopez (Raffatellu), "New Salmonella effectors involved in the induction of the inflammasome"

December 4: Dr. Rozanne Sandri-Goldin(MMG) & Dr. Donald Forthal(Infectious Medicine), "Pathogens and You: The Ebola Crisis in Africa"

December 11: Daniela Radl (Borrelli), "D2R receptor signaling and food intake"